Introduction to EDA Tools: EE174, Fall 2015
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Last Update: 18 November 2015

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Lecture Room: BE-104 MWF 9:30-10:40am
Instructor: S.C. Petersen, Email Instructor
Office: Times T 9-10am; 2-4pm; F 11am-12pm; BE251, phone x9-4782

Final Exam: TBA

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I will miss class today due to a meeting in Oakland. Anyone needing help or wanting a checkoff can drop by my office tomorrow.

Lab 2 has been posted. I haven't yet added the step describing how to change the footprint property string length from 31 to 64 bytes. I will discuss this in class. For those of you finishing Lab 1, I will also desribe in class how to make this change and why it's needed.

Note: If you find that it takes forever to copy your work onto or from a flash stick, this is an unanticipated side-effect of putting the Orcad_PCB_Lib folder in the directory tree in your profile. This folder has about 3000 files and takes a long time to transfer. A solution to this problem is to move the folder from the \Lib folder onto your flash drive and reference it there. Alternatively, you can exclude the Orcad_PCB_Lib folder when copying your work to an external storage medium. 

Note the Schedule of Classes lists our room as BE165; this should be BE104.